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2002 & 2003 Slumber Party Yasmin Outfits & Accessories

Box Date: 2002
Condition Purchased: used
Dolls in Line: Cloe; Yasmin; Sasha; Jade; Meygan
Important Notes: I am missing Yasmin’s diary, mirror, 1 lipstick, 1 nail polish, compact, pen, curling wand, toothbrush, popcorn, and pen. The 2003 Slumber Party Yasmin doll was packaged with identical outfits and accessories, with the exception of the slippers which have holes punched in the bottoms. Yasmin’s two outfits were repackaged in the 2006 Passion 4 Fashion Sweet Dreamz Pajama Party Style fashion pack. Yasmin’s robe, white tank top, frog pajama pants, slippers, and eye mask were repackaged on 2006 Sleepin’ Style Yasmin.

Personal Fun Fact: Of all the Bratz dolls’ icons, I always loved Yasmin’s the best. What can I say, I have always adored frogs and other amphibians. Plus, I thought Yasmin’s froggy was extra cute because she wore a crown. My favorite outfit of Slumber Party Yasmin’s has to be her main one, with the robe and frog printed pajama bottoms. It not only looks super cozy, but those pants are the cutest things ever. And I cannot forget to mention her stuffed frog! When I was a little girl and I saw these Slumber Party dolls in stores, I drooled over their accessories. I remember my favorite aspects about these dolls were their stuffed animals, extra outfits, and their fuzzy phones. It would have been cool if these dolls were sold with bare feet too, but their flocked slippers are the most amazing things ever. But a little tip that I learned, never clean them with baking soda and vinegar–it will strip the flocking right off (fortunately the pair I accidentally stripped was already balding and filthy beyond recognition). The only problem I have with these flocked slippers is that they attract grime. I’ve found that rubbing a little laundry detergent/stain remover into them with a tooth brush, letting them sit for five minutes, and then rinsing them thoroughly really does the trick and makes them squeaky clean (plus they smell nice). It’s kind of a shame that I don’t have more of Yasmin’s plastic accessories, but I did get all the main ones I always wanted as a kid! This is totally random, but I specifically recall getting her powder puff in a lot of Lil’ Bratz stuff I bought on eBay. I immediately realized that it was far too big for Lil’ Bratz, and was super glad that it went to my Slumber Party Yasmin dollies!

Posted by A Thousand Splendid Dolls on 2015-03-06 11:50:38

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